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JUST FOR FUN! Five Uses for Olive Oil That Don’t Involve a Stove

It’s Not Just for Cooking!      Olive oil contains heart-healthy fats, which makes it a great choice for those concerned about a eating healthy. However, this amazing oil also can be used to solve a variety of household and beauty problems. A high-quality oil like extra-virgin olive oil tastes great for eating and cooking […]

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Saving The Best For Last.

Why You Want to Save the Best Rooms in Your Home for the End of the Showing.   Do you remember when you were buying your first home? You may have looked at dozens before you settled on the perfect home for your family to live and grow in. Perhaps another home came in a […]

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Buying or Selling, Three Traits You’ll Want in Your Real Estate Agent

      For both buyers and sellers in the great Phoenix Scottsdale area, choosing the right real estate agent is an important and difficult decision, but making the right selection is critical. Consider the following essential characteristics for a real estate agent before signing a contract.   Experience     An agent must understand […]

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