HUD (FHA) just announced a new program for Americans to purchase a home 1 year after a Foreclosure, Short Sale or BK if the event was caused by the loss of a job/income. It’s called the “Back to Work” program. I can email you a PDF that explains the program – if you are eligible, you can now buy 12 months from the event!

Email or call me for the full PDF outlining the program!



anthony cano on said: Reply

hello thx for this info but i was told by a co worker..i had a bk in december of last year but have a lease on a home until june of next year..was wondering what this program was about so i can get myself ready for june of next year so i can buy a home and not have to do another rental agreement..thank you and have a good day..

Tyson Rondeau on said: Reply

We are a direct FHA lender and we offer this program at my branch. We have already successfully closed and helped buyers get in to a home.

Contact me directly with any other questions at: or post on here so other buyers can learn from your questions.

To prevent any delays I will have your file underwritten and approved before taking the home buyer counseling class to save you time and money. This way you know upfront you can move forward with this program. Your file will be underwritten in 72 hours upon receiving the required documentation.

See my post about this program on Zillow:

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